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Drinks & Beverages,Bipha Ayurveda,Bipha Dahaamruth

Bipha Dahaamruth

With a cool and earthy flavor this drink relieves indigestion, gas pains and diarrhoea. Enhances mood and relieves stress. Also act as a mouth freshener.
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Drinks & Beverages,Bipha Ayurveda,Tulsi Green Cha

Tulsi Green Cha

Tulsi Green Cha Calming Wellness Tea The finest green tea is gingered with the Ayurveda super herb, tulsi, to create a soothing drink that helps you get in touch with your inner energy. Tulsi, famed for its immunity, respiratory and digestive benefits contains Eugenol, a powerful antioxidant that helps the body resist diseases.
SKU: 8904239103889
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Drinks & Beverages,Bipha Ayurveda,Nimbu Adrak Green Cha

Nimbu Adrak Green Cha

Nimbu Adrak Green Cha Refreshing Wellness Tea A zesty blend of lemon, ginger and green tea creates this detoxifying blend which is loaded with vitamins and immune-boosters. A few sips will perk you up for the day’s challenges and make you ask for another cup.
SKU: 8904239103896
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Drinks & Beverages,Bipha Ayurveda,Thandai Cha

Thandai Cha

Thandai Cha Energising Gourmet Tea An inspired rendition of the Thandai, one of the most popular festival drinks in India, this novel tea is a refreshing potpourri of flavours. The finest Assam tea is blended with Kashmir saffron, nuts and spices to create a truly revitalizing tea.
SKU: 8904239103810
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Drinks & Beverages,Bipha Ayurveda,Mulethi Green Cha

Mulethi Green Cha

Mulethi Green Cha Rejuvenating Wellness Tea Every sip is truly rewarding in this strong and bracing green cup for those who love flavour in their green tea. Luscious liquorice tips this tea with its sweet, lingering flavour and packs it with powerful phytochemicals that make it a popular herb in Ayurveda.
SKU: 8904239103957
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Organic Rices,Bipha Ayurveda,Vamsa Shali Flour

Vamsa Shali Flour

High Protein Bamboo rice flour from Kerala which can be used in dosa,kheer,upma,puttu etc.100% pure and natural with no preservatives, artificial color or flavour.
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Organic Spices,Bipha Ayurveda,Organic White Pepper Whole

Organic White Pepper Whole

Premium White Pepper sourced from the plantations in the Western Ghats.White Pepper is the ripe seeds of pepper plant which is unmatched in fragrance,taste and quality.Its popular in Thai,Chinese and French Cuisine.
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Organic Spices,Bipha Ayurveda,Organic  Cloves Whole

Organic Cloves Whole

Cloves which are a rich,brown,sundried popular kitchen spice is one of the richest sources of Manganese.It is popular as a pain killer,ease digetion,immunity booster and stimulant.
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Organic Rices,Bipha Ayurveda,Shashti Shali

Shashti Shali

An ancient indegenous paddy from Kerala,Njavara rice has been cultivated in Kerala for more than 2500 years.Njavara is indispensible to Ayurvedic rejuvinative therapies due to its high medicinal value.
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Organic Rices,Bipha Ayurveda,Rakta Shali

Rakta Shali

Rakta Sali is an ancient food revered in Ayurveda as rice that promotes good health and longevity.As per Ayurveda scriptures rakthasali is rich in antioxidants,calcium,zinc,iron and other minerals.
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Organic Spices,Bipha Ayurveda,Organic Black Pepper

Organic Black Pepper

Black pepper is reffered as 'King of Spices" and also commonly known as "Black Gold".
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Organic Spices,Bipha Ayurveda,Organic Cardamom Whole

Organic Cardamom Whole

Cardamom or Elaichi is known as the "Queen of Spices" and also one of worlds most ancient and common spices.
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Nutritional Supplements,Bipha Ayurveda,Nutrimix


Nutrimix is a delicious blend rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for our body. A healthy blend of cereals, grains, dried fruits and spices specially prepared to meet the requirements of the body during different stages of life. A nutritious and wholesome meal for your baby and children.
SKU: 8904239106668
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Nutritional Supplements,Bipha Ayurveda,Ghee


Ghee is a digestive. It helps to improve absorption and assimilation.Ghee builds the aura, makes all the organs soft, builds up internal juices of the body (rasa), which are destroyed by ageing.It increases the most the underlying basis of all the immunity and the essence of all body tissue.
SKU: 8904239106569
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Nutritional Supplements,Bipha Ayurveda,Honey


A wonderful gift of nature beneficial to adult and children.Health benefits of honey include healing skin conditions, and boosting energy.
SKU: 8904239106620
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Drinks & Beverages,Bipha Ayurveda,Chukku kaapi

Chukku kaapi

Trusted age old herbal remedy made of ayurvedic herbs and spices for relief from colds, coughs, fever and nasal congestion. Also effective in improving digestion.
SKU: 8904239106460
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Organic Rices,Bipha Ayurveda,Vamsa Shali

Vamsa Shali

Vasma Shali Bamboo rice is well known for its nutritional and medicinal values. Diabetic patients can use Bamboo rice because the Glycemic Index (GI) of Bamboo rice is lesser than normal rice
SKU: 8904239106422
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