Why Hand hygiene?

Never before in the past have we talked so much about washing our hands or using a hand sanitizer. Never before have people bothered so much about hand hygiene or social distancing. Yes, the human race is indeed facing an anomalous threat that has literally brought the whole world to a halt.  
The rapidly emerging situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has called for a widespread need for awareness on hand hygiene and its role in preventing numerous diseases. It might be interesting to know that a simple thing as hand hygiene can tremendously bring down the risk of cross-transmission of infections. Yeah, you heard it right there – proper hand hygiene is one of the simplest and effective ways to prevent falling sick.
Why hands? Because the number of shared surfaces we touch every day, and the germs we transfer consequentially is beyond what we can perceive. Even though our hands may seem to be clean, we might be carrying thousands of germs and transferring them to our fellow people. Here comes the role of proper hand hygiene.
 But simply washing hands will not do the trick. You have to ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand-rub. Still then, washing hands need to be done effectively, taking into consideration that there are parts of our hands that we often miss when we perform hand hygiene. The thumb and the fingertips, for instance. So what are the steps for an effective handwashing routine? The World Health Organization has in place a 6-step protocol on how to wash hands effectively.
It may not be possible to clean hands with soap and water every time, in which case you need to depend on an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and follow the same 6-step protocol for proper hand hygiene. So if you are going to do it, make sure you do it right, because technique matters.
And as always, Bipha Ayurveda was adept in rising up to the situation and meeting our customers’ demand for a quality hand sanitizer. Keeping in mind the safety and health of our valued customers, Bipha developed the premium hand-rub, Neem & Papaya Hand Sanitizer. A perfect blend of natural extracts of Neem and Papaya with 75% alcohol yields you 99.9% protection against germs. Easy to use and non-sticky, we ensure your safety always. All this because Bipha cares!
As the world stands united in fighting this novel Corona virus, Bipha Ayurveda urges each one of you to practice proper hand hygiene and keep yourself safe. By this, you are not only saving yourself, but others too. Let it start from the homes, workplaces and schools. Let’s make hand hygiene a habit, not only now, but always. Stay Safe!



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