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Nutritional Supplements,Bipha Ayurveda,Nutrimix


Formulated as a food supplement Nutri Mix is rich in Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals necessary for your body. A delicious mix of nutritious grains, dried banana powder, nuts and spices, Nutri Mix helps to avoid micronutrient deficiency, boosts the immune system and serves as an appetite booster.
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Nutritional Supplements,Bipha Ayurveda,Pure Honey 250gm

Pure Honey 250gm

A wonderful gift of nature beneficial to adult and children.Health benefits of honey include treating wounds, healing skin conditions, and boosting energy. It is also rich in nutrients. Also an excellent food with medicinal properties.w
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Nutritional Supplements,Bipha Ayurveda,Pure Ghee

Pure Ghee

Ghee is a digestive. It helps to improve absorption and assimilation.Ghee builds the aura, makes all the organs soft, builds up internal juices of the body (rasa), which are destroyed by aging.It increases the most the underlying basis of all the immunity and the essence of all body tissue.
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