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Life Herbs

Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Acidity Control 60 Capsules

Acidity Control 60 Capsules

Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort.The ulcer-healing and gastroprotective properties of the natural ingredients combat ulcers and gastritis. It neutralizes gastric acid, relieves gaseous distension and bilious symptoms. 
SKU: 8904239108945
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,BP Balance 60 Capsules

BP Balance 60 Capsules

Regulates blood pressure of all etiologies with an optimum dose of Rauwolfia serpentina and other anti-stress, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, ACE inhibitors.
SKU: 8904239109065
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Diabetic Care 60 Capsules

Diabetic Care 60 Capsules

The natural ingredients in Diabetic care increase insulin secretion in the body.
SKU: 8904239109188
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Cholesterol Care 60 Capsules

Cholesterol Care 60 Capsules

Herbal cholesterol care helps to effectively reduce bad cholesterol  (LDL), very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL) and triglyceride levels.Helps to increases the cardioprotective high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels.  
SKU: 8904239109140
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Smoking Cessation Aid 60 Capsules

Smoking Cessation Aid 60 Capsules

Smoking cessation aid.
SKU: 8904239109867
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Urinary Stone Control 60 Capsules

Urinary Stone Control 60 Capsules

It keeps calcium (Ca) crystals dissolved thereby averting the stone formation.
SKU: 8904239109942
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Throat Soothener 60 Capsules

Throat Soothener 60 Capsules

Throat soothener is an effective ayurvedic formulation for sore, scratchy throats, cough, and other respiratory ailments 
SKU: 8904239109904
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Slimming Formula 60 Capsules

Slimming Formula 60 Capsules

This formula is specifically formulated with natural ingredients so that you can feel comfortable with your body by losing weight.
SKU: 8904239109829
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Sleep Support Blend 60 Capsules

Sleep Support Blend 60 Capsules

Blend of non-habit forming natural sleep inducers & antistress herbals which promotes normal sleep from which you arise refreshed.
SKU: 8904239109782
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Prostate Care 60 Copsules

Prostate Care 60 Copsules

A comprehensive nutritional supplement for a healthy prostate.
SKU: 8904239109706
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Migraine Care 60 Capsules

Migraine Care 60 Capsules

Herbal supplements for migraines, cluster headache, and general headaches.Helps to correct digestion, remove constipation, strengthen strained ligaments of neck & jaws and correct blood flow to the cerebral cortex.
SKU: 8904239109584
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Men Care 60 Capsules

Men Care 60 Capsules

Prolon G is a formulation which helps maintain male sexual desire and vitality.It supports overall sexual function, helps overcome age-related loss of libido and helps maintain performance.
SKU: 8904239109546
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Memory Boost 60 Capsules

Memory Boost 60 Capsules

Greycel+ formulated with the Bacopa & Centella which has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to help improve memory capacity, mental clarity, and confidence.
SKU: 8904239109508
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Liver Support 60 Capsules

Liver Support 60 Capsules

Liver Support is a natural herbal formula that promotes healthy detoxification and normal liver cell regeneration. Liver Support supports in maintaining healthy liver enzyme counts while promoting protein metabolism and nutrient digestion.
SKU: 8904239121906
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Liver Cleanser 60 Capsules

Liver Cleanser 60 Capsules

Herbal Liver Cleanser Supports the crucial functions of the liver including detoxification, filtration of toxins from the blood and production of bile to help breakdown fats thereby preserve the structure and function of liver cells.
SKU: 8904239109461
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Liver Care 60 Capsules

Liver Care 60 Capsules

 Natural Liver care formula to support the normal functioning of the liver.It detoxifies and protects the liver from the harmful toxins from food and medication.
SKU: 8904239109423
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Joint Ease 60 Capsules

Joint Ease 60 Capsules

A complete natural supplement which provides optimum joint health by maintaining steady blood flow to your joints, supporting your joint tissues with the ability to boost flexibility and strength.
SKU: 8904239109386
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Haemorrhoid Control 60 Capsules

Haemorrhoid Control 60 Capsules

Haemorrhoid control Tablet is a natural remedy in controlling both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. It also controls fissures of the anus.
SKU: 8904239109348
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Digestive Care 60 Capsules

Digestive Care 60 Capsules

Promotes and soothes digestive health.
SKU: 8904239109225
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Stress Care  60 Capsules

Stress Care 60 Capsules

The combined ingredients in this natural formula nurture the adrenal glands, which control the amount of stress hormone released into the body supporting energy, vitality and stress response.
SKU: 8904239121883
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Cardiac Care 60 Capsules

Cardiac Care 60 Capsules

Promotes heart health and cardiovascular functions. 
SKU: 8904239109102
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Allergy Control 60 Capsules

Allergy Control 60 Capsules

 Allergy control helps in the management of respiratory infections.
SKU: 8904239108983
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Bowel Ease 60 Capsules

Bowel Ease 60 Capsules

Bowel ease softens the stool and enhances intestinal motility, which relieves acute and chronic constipation effectively. 
SKU: 8904239109027
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Glo-Skin 60 Capsules

Glo-Skin 60 Capsules

A natural forte tablet to re-energize your body
SKU: 8904239109263
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Life Herbs,Bipha Ayurveda,Gro-Hair 60 Capsules

Gro-Hair 60 Capsules

The versatile hair protective herbal drug provides nourishment. It prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.
SKU: 8904239109300
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